Marshall JO/VB

Please remember to bring 12 (3"x3") bars, individually wrapped, to the home tournament that your daughter is playing in. There will be a sign in sheet at the concession stand.
(You are expected to bring bars when your team is scheduled to play, regardless of if your child will be there or not.) PLEASE DO NOT SEND FRUIT OR BAGGED COOKIES.
Also, please make sure that you check the volunteer tab on the website to confirm the shift that you signed up to work. Make sure that either you are there to work, or have another responsible adult covering your shift.
Thanks for all you do to make Marshall JO/VB such a success! 
We've reopened the apparel site for the people that didn't make the cutoff with state basketball going on at the same time...  If you could spread the word, that would be great.  Thanks!

Sarah Kubat

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